Wednesday, May 2, 2007

lost library

We are very excited to have LeAnn Hillam and her groovy books back in the show after a brief hiatus of a year or so.
I love the idea of recycling pretty much everything you can, but especially books. The process goes something like this...
Find old books with interesting covers still in tact-paperbacks or hard bound, or old sewing patterns etc.
Take out the pages and replace them with blank paper, but leaving in a few old pages here and there.
Then... tadaa you have a one-of-a-kind blank book to do with whatever you like- sketch, write, doodle, paint, brainstorm, compose music, play tic-tac-toe...
Here are a few from my private collection, I'm a little partial to the pattern books of course, but "May I Cross Your Golden River?" makes me smile every time I lay eyes on it.

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